Lavender/Blue Satin Bonnet


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Why a satin hair bonnet?

A satin hair bonnet is the perfect hair accessory to add to your nighttime haircare regimen! The purpose of a satin hair bonnet is

To protect your hair from the harsh surface that cotton pillows/sheets provide. The friction between your hair & cotton leads to dry, brittle hair. Also, it causes frizziness & split ends. By wearing a satin hair bonnet at night, you’re keeping the moisture you’ve put into your hair lock in those strands! On top of maximum hair protection, it’ll protect your hairstyles= quicker mornings & who doesn’t love that! You can finally ditch the bed hair!


Who should wear a satin hair bonnet?

Anyone looking to protect their hair & prevent dryness, brittle strands, frizz, tangles & split ends!


How are Goodnight Hair Bonnets different from the ones sold in beauty supply stores?


Our satin hair bonnets provide a double-layer of protection throughout the night allowing for moisture to be retained better. With a regular bonnet, there is one layer of satin which lets moisture escape from the hair due to constant friction (cotton pillows dry out the hair). By wearing one of our bonnets, the second layer acts as a barrier between your hair and the pillowcase locking in moisture better. An important step in healthy hair growth is allowing the hair to retain moisture, not just during the day but at night too. With our bonnets you can have a goodnight’s rest knowing your hair is protected from damaging surfaces.


What size do I need?

  • Itty-bitty size: 14cm. NOT FOR NEWBORNS. This size is for babies ages 3-5 months old. Please use under adult supervision at all times.
  • Standard Infant size: 16cm. For ages 6months-2yrs. Please use under adult supervision at all times.
  • Kids size: 20cm. Ages 2yrs-8yrs. If your child has longer hair, wears long hairstyles, or a bigger head, please order the next size up.
  •  Standard adult size: 23cm. This size is our standard regular size bonnet. It will also accommodate long hair & long hairstyles.

How to clean

Machine wash on gentle cycle with like colors. Air dry or put in dryer on low tumble.


Satin. Leftover fabric is repurposed into satin hair scrunchies :)