Bonnet Babe Chronicles

  • Natural Hair Routine for the Winter

    Summer is over; which means humidity is no longer present to maintain a bit of moisture in the air which in turns lets your hair appear manageable even without deep conditioning. However, this is winter and the importance of deep conditioning your natural hair cannot be stressed enough.
  • Water is Bae.

    Do you wonder why you’re always experiencing dry & brittle hair? Does it seem like no matter how much you apply oils & moisturizers to your hair, it STILL seems to be super dry? Well, it could be because your hair isn’t getting the right amount of water it needs! Water is bae when it com...
  • Postpartum Hair Loss

    AAHHH!! Two months after the birth of my second child, the worse thing happened…my edges were suddenly GONE, my hair was shedding like crazy, and was extremely dry! At first I thought it was from my braids but they were not tight at all and were in for only a month. I’ve experienced breakage befo...