What's the 411: High Porosity Hair

What's the 411: High Porosity Hair

Let’s switch gears and talk about high porosity hair!! 


Ever wonder why your hair always feel dry even after you’ve just got done moisturizing it? Does it seem like your hair breaks easily and is dull? It’s because your hair is highly porous!


High porosity hair means the hair cuticle is raised, letting all the moisture you take your time putting into your hair escape. That means, no matter how much water or moisturizer you apply to your hair, if it’s not the right kind then it will quickly leave, leaving your hair still dry, brittle, and dull!


Characteristics of high porosity hair:

  • Cuticle is raised= hard for moisture to stay in
  • Hair always need water and to be moisturized
  • Breaks easily
  • Hair is dull and dries quickly
  • Easily accepts chemical treatments


Usually, high porosity hair is the result of damaged hair that is super dry and sheds frequently.


Other causes include:

  • Using too much heat & always setting it on high
  • Chemical treatments
  • Rough-handling your hair
  • Genetics 


With this type of hair porosity, there’s gaps and holes in the cuticle, causing moisture to be easily put into the hair but hard to stay. This can cause frizzing and tangling, especially in humid climates. Because it is highly porous and can easily absorb any moisture, activities such as swimming can further damage the hair.


Treating High Porosity Hair


The key to treating highly porous hair is to use leave-in conditioners, thick moisturizing agents, and natural oils in order to fill those gaps in the cuticle and seal in the moisture that’s being put in!


Treatment regimen should consist of:

  • Acidic products (apply cider vinegar, aloe vera) in order to make the cuticles lie flat, locking in moisture
  • Washing hair in small sections
  • Avoiding heat
  • Using moisture-based deep conditioners so it can penetrate the hair
  • Protein treatments to strengthen the cuticles by filling in those gaps (do at least monthly)
  • Alternating co-washes and shampoos (frequent shampooing will further strip the hair of oils it really need)
  • Using butter, cremes, and puddings
  • Sealing with heavy oil (coconut, avocado, or olive oil)
  • Using anti-humectants (aloe vera gel)
  • LOC method to lock in moisture
  • Using a satin bonnet, pillowcase, or scarf to help retain that moisture throughout the night


Do you have high porosity hair? If so, how do you manage it? Leave your comments/thoughts below!

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